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​2) Become a member by completing some initial details like your name, email address and location

3) We will send you an email with an activation link. Click on the link in the email (or copy and paste it into your browser) and set your password

​4) ​Select CHOOSE A ROLE in the upper right hand corner and choose ENTREPRENEUR

5) Fill in some details about your business and select save

6) You now have a member profile, entrepreneur profile and business summary, which you can find by clicking on your name in the top menu

7) Improve your business summary by completing more details. Use our templates to complete a full business plan and financial plan

8) Look for a mentor on the platform using search. Send a mentor request by selecting the ‘Request Mentoring’ button found in the profile of the mentor

​9) If an investor is interested in your plan, you may receive a Full Access Request. Accepting this request gives investors access to financials and added documents.

10) Communicate with mentors and investors using Messages


We wish you all the best with your business!