Our Vision

Operating an inclusive business in Southern African countries with special focus to the Portuguese speaking countries including Angola,Mozambique and Cape Verde, HELMAR Business Advisory-Entrepreneurship (HBA-Entrepreneurship) in conjunction with partners, empowers local entrepreneurs and supports them in both stages, start up to growth of their businesses.

We aim to enable our entrepreneurs to establish and grow from a subsistence business to a business that is competitive and sustainable while creating jobs and creating long lasting positive impact in the community they operate.


Our Model

At HBA- Entrepreneurship, we believe that the Southern African region, is full of promising entrepreneurs; yet, without proper tailored support and training, most of them have little chance of growing their ventures into larger scale firms or becoming sustainable and competitive. Access to funding is also a significant challenge for most of these entrepreneurs in every stage of their development.

Our approach to create sustainable and competitive businesses focus on the entrepreneur. Once identified and accredited as HBA members, entrepreneurs are provided with personalized learning through the Entrepreneurship Academy,and mentoring through the bidX platform, as well as networking opportunities to ensure that they develop to their fullest capacity. Afterwards entrepreneurs would be able to have a bankable Business Plan and get finance through match making process.

We also support mature entrepreneurs who doesn’t require support in structuring their business ideas and are able  to provide quality Business Plans to match them with potential investors  through our platform.